Wednesday, 20 June 2007


If you haven't played on a Wii, you're missing out big time. I bought a Wii and got mine the night (yes, just after midnight- I was working late anyway!) they were released in December.

One of the cool (or cutest?) things on a Wii are called Miis (pronounced "me's"). These are little caractitures of you, your friends or whoever you want to make it look like. Here's a portrait one that I made of myself.

I use this one in all my games that use Miis. So, in my little library, that's Wii Sports.
If you want to know more about Miis, Wikipedia has a pretty good entry on them here.

Some of you who are more clued in than others about Wiis and Miis may be wondering how I got my Mii on this post...
Well, I found two lovely tools, my friends: miitransfer and miieditor. Miitransfer is mac only, and pretty buggy (it took me about 10 goes to get my controller to pair up properly, but I'm sure there are Windows equivalents for you weirdos who prefer it). However, will let you create your own Miis online! Yes that's right, friends- you too, with or without access to a Wii can create, edit and save your lovely little Miis.
Enjoy your Mii creating and play a Wii!

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